Dennis Ross

Blend It! Creating a recipe for learning that individually appeals to each of your students.


The “Blend It” extended session will give participants the opportunity to explore the social, pedagogic and tech skills associated with creating a blended learning environment.  Participants will learn techniques that they can apply in their own classrooms to facilitate learning that transcends the spatial, physical, emotional, cognitive and social borders that exist in traditional classrooms.

Participants will be presented with the latest research on blended learning environments as a premise for why it is worthwhile exploring their implementation. We will then explore some specific techniques and software that could be used for delivering blended learning such as collaborative notebooks, video casting, surveys and social networks. The session will culminate in addressing how the creation of a blended learning environment can meaningfully integrate essential technology tools into the curriculum.

Outcomes include:
  • Develop an understanding of the benefits of a blended learning environment
  • Explore some tech skills essential to the blended environment
  • Appreciate the skills needed to develop a learning environment that transcends the virtual and physical environments.
Intended Audience:

This session is primarily targeted at HS and MS teachers but the ideas and techniques could be accessed by ES teachers

About Dennis:

Dennis started his career jumping in at the deep end as Head of IT at St. Andrews International High School in Malawi in 1998 at the tender age of 22. He moved from there to being the IT Coordinator at Beijing BISS International School in 2004 and in 2008 took on his third international role developing at the British School of Costa Rica.  Dennis has worked as a Technology Integration Coach at AISJ since 2012 where he is also the Head of Social Studies and teaches IB ITGS.

As a member of the coaching team at AISJ Dennis has led workshops on Flipped Classrooms and Distance Learning as well as working on the meaningful integration of tech skills into the curriculum and studying the implication of the concept of a connected learner. As a member of his band Dennis plays the bass and  harmonica.

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