Jeff Utecht

The New Learning Experience: Taking advantage of the Information Age

Society is changing, we are more connected than we have ever been in the history of mankind. We are producing more content, sharing more ideas, and learning at a pace never before seen. This workshop will look at our changing global society, changing universities, and how teachers can take advantage of the wealth of knowledge in their classrooms. Recent research shows that today’s students fall into what is called the 1-9-90 rule. That is that only 1% of students are actively creating content, 9% know how to curate digital information, while 90% of this current generation only consume digital information. What are schools doing to encourage students to be creators of content and not just consumers of information? We will focus the day on looking at everything from how we can have students create their own core text for a class to creating digital maps to make sense of their world. We will explore new approaches to learning within the connected classroom as well as how educators can move from a Pedagogical approach to a Heutagogical approach to learning within their classrooms. Participants will have time to explore, learn, discuss and walk away ready to take advantage of the information age in their classroom. This workshop will focus on the essential question: What skills need to be replaced in our schools to ensure we are preparing students for their future not our past?

Outcomes include:
  • Learn why search skills are critical in the information age
  • Understand how access to information changes the classroom
  • Understand the future of information
  • Learn how wikipedia works and why you can trust it
  • Learn how to use digital maps with students
Intended audience:

K-12 Classroom Teachers.

About Jeff:

Jeff Utecht is an educational technology consultant, educator and author. He holds a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus in Technology as well as his administrative certification through Washington State. Jeff began his career in the Elementary Classroom at a public school in Washington State. In 2001, he was the recipient of a Bill and Melinda Gates Grant called the Technology Leadership Program.

Jeff has taught at International Schools in the Middle East and Asia. Moving from a classroom teacher into technology facilitator roles and administrative positions, Jeff began sharing his passion for learning via his blog The Thinking Stick in 2005. In 2007, he was invited to create an innovative conference focusing on learning and technology; the Learning 2.0 Conference was initiated. Jeff authored chapters in numerous books, worked as the educational consultant for a wiki company, and began speaking at schools and educational events around the globe. He has worked with politicians in Washington DC and participated in The Educational Project at the invitation of the Prince of Bahrain. In 2010 Jeff was invited to present at the first TEDx conference in Bangkok, Thailand.

Jeff has started numerous businesses aimed at helping educators teach in a new connected world. Jeff co-founded the Certificate Of Educational Technology and Information Literacy program ( in 2010. In 2014 he helped founded Eduro Learning Inc. ( a professional development consulting and online course company. Also in 2014 Jeff helped to establish the Learning2 Conference as a Non-For Profit company bringing this innovative conference to the world.

To learn more about Jeff Utecht, visit his website.

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