Madeleine Brookes

Measuring the Impact of Technology in your Classroom through Action Research


Does technology actually improve student learning outcomes? How do you know? In what ways does technology enhance the learning, if at all? Is it possible to measure the effectiveness of using technology? How do you evaluate technology tasks and routines that you have introduced in your classroom or in your school?

If you are seeking answers to any of the above questions, come and join this session to see how we can answer them.

During the session we will look at the SAMR (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition) model which offers a method to examine how technology might impact learning. The goal is to design, develop and infuse digital learning experiences to transform learning experiences, resulting in higher levels of achievement for students.

We will then explore an Action Research (AR) model tailored specifically to measure the effectiveness of technology in the classroom as follows:

  • What do you want to find out?
  • How will you do this?
  • What data will you collect?
  • How will you analyse this data?
  • How will you know if you have been successful?
  • How will you reflect on and communicate your successes?
Outcomes include:
  • An overview of the SAMR model for technology integration
  • What is Action Research (AR)?
  • Examples of how Action Research can measure the impact of technology
  • AR ‘essentials’
  • You may even walk away with the beginnings of a plan on how you could measure the effectiveness of technology in your classroom or even your school.
Intended audience:

This session is open to any educator who has an interest in evaluating the success of using technology in student learning. The session will be a mix of presentations, discussion and hands-on activities.

About Madeleine:

Madeleine is an educator with over 20 years as an technology integration specialist, curriculum leader and leader of professional development. She is a strong advocate for the mindful use of technologies to transform learning environments that support students to take an active role in their learning both in and out of the classroom.

Madeleine has extensive experience in the successful implementation of 1:1 programs supported by robust learning management systems and personalised training for stakeholders. She is passionate about action research and has led a number of collaborative action research projects examining the impact of mobile technologies in the classroom.

Madeleine regularly presents at conferences and facilitates highly interactive workshops on a range of topics including formative assessment, digital citizenship, design thinking, international-mindedness in addition to a vast range of skills-based training. She is an Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE), class of 2008, and has substantial experience with a variety of tools including Google Apps for Education and open source solutions such as Moodle and blogging.

In 2014 Madeleine became the Executive Director of the Learning2 Conference, a non-profit organisation with a mission to ‘innovate social learning globally’.

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